The new acroyoga book


Acroyoga / Acrobatics book

Acroyoga playfully combines acrobatics and yoga, is an encounter, lightness and challenge and thus a unifying art of movement that promotes confidence, body awareness and communication.

In this book you will find:
40 asanas
185 transitions
108 washing machines

48,00 €

On over 200 pages, you will learn the joyful art of acroyoga step by step or deepen your existing knowledge.

From simple steps for beginners to whips and icarians for advanced practitioners, everything is included. Detailed photos and descriptions take you into the world of acroyoga and invite you to get creative with your own combinations.

The idea of Acronyc is to reflect the principles at work in acrobatics as holistically as possible.

Thus, the reader finds a coherent architecture that unites the broad spectrum of acrobatic movements in a clear and vivid way.

The book consists of two main parts: "Asanas & Transitions" and "Washing Machines".
Each of them has a table of contents of all the items shown for quick retrieval.